How to Play

Create your store. The sky is the limit!

Stock Real Products Stock Real Products

Stock your store with products from over 1,600 top retailers.

Build Your Business Build Your Business

In your store, you are the boss! Grow your business, make sales and build your empire!

Promote Your Store Promote Your Store

Increase sales and attract more customers by advertising.

Save on Real Products. Earn Real Rewards!

Shop Real Products Shop Real Products

All of the products in your store are real, and can be purchased at any time. And since you’re the boss, you get an employee discount!

Save on Purchases Save on Purchases

Buying from your Stocket store earns you real rewards, and the more you play, the more rewards you will receive!

Earn Real Rewards Earn Real Rewards

While virtual sales earn you Stocket bucks, real sales from your store earn you real rewards.

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