About Us

Stocket® is the first mobile app to combine fun game experiences with e-commerce shopping. Players can build their own retail empire by creating a store, stocking it with real products from top brands, and making sales (both virtual and real) to earn cash back and prizes. All of the products in Stocket® are real, and can be purchased through the game at any time! 

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Our Mission

Stocket®’s mission is to be the first company to combine fun mobile game experiences with e-commerce shopping: our patent-pending mobile app lets players shop, sell, and earn cash back, while introducing a unique opportunity for retailers worldwide to reach socially engaged consumers.

Our Story

The original idea was to create a social couponing app, but our innovative team was looking to reinvent the mobile shopping experience in more ways than one. The “aha” moment came when we discovered that people who play mobile games also shop on their phones, so how fun would it be to combine the two?

Leveraging the power of social behavior and peer-to-peer influence to spread coupons and deals, our idea evolved into a game-commerce app that we named Stocket®. A hybrid of fun mobile game experiences and e-commerce, Stocket® lets players create their own store, stock it with real products from over 1,600 top brands, and make sales (both virtual and real) to earn cash back and prizes.

Led by CEO Jace Simmons, the Stocket® team is built around e-commerce, augmented reality and mobile gaming experts focused on creating innovative e-commerce solutions. In 2014 the company acquired the augmented reality technology of ARrival Labs, and has received cloud server grants from Google and Microsoft. To date, Stocket® has raised over $10 million and is in the process of starting its second round of funding.

Our Team

  Jace Simmons, CEO 

Jace Simmons has over 38 years of successful executive and financial experience including extensive capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, start-up companies, taking companies public, SEC/SOX reporting and exit strategies. Previously, Jace has held executive CFO posts in both public and private companies for over 30 years. Jace is a CPA and graduated from the University of Texas.

eric weiss social voucherEric Weiss, Chief Technology Officer 
Eric Weiss is a recognized industry leader and has been instrumental in many of the predominant and innovational technologies over the last 20 years. From starting cutting edge technology companies to senior roles in blockbuster films, Eric is a seasoned entrepreneur, visionary and a high tech adventurer. Eric has been on the leading edge of many startups at the birth of new industries including: the Founder of Internet Advertising in 1995, Founder of Calypso Animation Studios in 2005, Co-Founder of 0Cog in 2009, Co-Founder of Right on Target Media in 2012 and Co-Founder of ARrival Labs in 2014.

Eric is known for managing large teams over worldwide operations in complex, highly technical fields with a proven track record of delivering award-winning content and products. Using lean startup and manufacturing techniques, Eric is able to quickly identify critical path methodologies, while remaining customer and quality focused. Eric has strong skills in building corporate structure, teams and product pipelines and distribution channels in technology driven fields. Eric conveys vision into practical implementation with razor sharp focus into the essential elements of a business model. Eric strongly believes in enabling team members and encouraging buy-in and ownership of every process and thereby establishing lasting participation and loyalty to the product, team and company.

guillaume riviere social voucherGuillaume Riviere, Chief Development Officer
Guillaume is a software engineering manager with over 18 years of experience in the digital industry. He began his career in France as a software engineer, before working internationally to focus on the setup and organization of software development. On critical international missions for companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500, Guillaume successfully organized the project management, quality control and software development/support outsourcing in Asia, South America and Africa. With a passion for creation, augmented reality and computer vision, he co-founded two digital media companies in the United States, and he played a key role in the set up of two restaurant and bar brands in Asia. Guillaume joined the Stocket® team in 2014, and is the glue who holds together the development team’s synergy.


Tony Mangione, Chief Architect
Tony Mangione is an avid entrepreneur and developer, having successfully developed and managed applications with millions of users. Tony has accumulated over a decade of experience working in game development.  Leading development of applications that have reached over 2 million users worldwide, Tony has proven his success in managing the needs of projects and their rapidly growing communities