5 Stocket Shoppers You Need to Know About

5 Stocket Shoppers You Need to Know About

5 Stocket Shoppers You Need to Know About

There’s a new store owner in town, and it’s you! Once you build your store and stock it with real products from your favorite brands, the shoppers will come! This is where the real fun begins, as shoppers provide the opportunity to make virtual sales that earn you Stocket bucks.


Below are five important Stocket shoppers that may wander into your store during game play. The more you know about them, the better prepared you are to sell them once they arrive.


Big Spender spends most of his time living the high life, and he doesn’t shop often. But if you keep your store open long enough he may just stop by. A millionaire many times over, Big Spender is typically not an easy sell. Keep in mind that he can afford to buy everything in your store, so it’s worth the effort to charm him. He might even give up some boosters if he leaves your store satisfied.


Impulse Buyer is usually pretty easy to sell products to, as long as she is treated right. One downside to Impulse Buyer is that she doesn’t always have a lot of cash to spend. However, if she leaves your store happy she may leave some boosters behind.


Shopaholic is sure to stop by once you build your store and stock it with enough great products. Although she’s on a budget, she loves to shop for a variety of products.


Window Shopper likes to visit the stores to look, but she rarely buys. She is difficult to sell, but if you are persistent, Window Shopper may reward you with some pocket cash and boosters.


Mystery Shoppers will stop by your store regularly to evaluate customer service skills. Make sure you’re keeping your salespeople happy and energetic so they are on top of their game, and score well. You can keep your sales team happy by rewarding them with coffee or a cheeseburger.


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